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MicroFab, Inc. specializes in the manufacture of Custom Thin Film Circuits and other thin film products. Circuits can be manufactured to your drawing specifications or we can work with your engineers to design a Thin Film Circuit to meet your requirements.

Our Laboratory Staff can provide a turn-key manufacturing service from your drawing specification or any intermediate manufacturing step (Mask Layout, Substrate, Laser Via-Holes, Metalization, Photolithography, Etching, Post-Laser Cut, Dicing, Packaging and Inspection). View our Thin Film Product Design Guidelines for tips on designing for manufacture.

Whether your requirement is for low volume or production volume, MicroFab is ready to deliver. Our superior Ion Beam Etching process produces accurate and repeatable Thin Film Circuit features, as well as other Thin Film Products that are essential to the high quality our customers expect.

Substrate Types Conductor Metalizations
Alumina >Al2O3 Resistors-Tantalum
Nitride (Ta N)
>20 ö 200 ohms per square
Aluminum Nitride >Al N Titanium Tungsten Gold >Ti W Au
Quartz >Si O2 Titanium Tungsten
Nickel Gold
>Ti W Ni Au
Beryllium Oxide >Be O Titanium Platinum Gold >Ti Pt Au
Diamond >C Chromium Copper Gold >Cr Cu Au

photo of dicing machine