Ion Beam Etching

Ion beam etching technology provides a superior etching process over conventional chemical etching. With ion beam etching, there is no undercutting or cross-contaminantion, resulting in better overall RF circuit performance.

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Electro-Plating Finishes Available:
  • Soft Gold plating (wire bondable)
  • Sulfamate Nickel plating (low stress)
  • Copper Sulfate plating for thin film circuits


MicroFab offers wafer dicing service on a wide variety of materials including Alumina, BEO, Aluminum Nitride, Quartz and others. Standard tolerance of +/- .001″ ( 25.4 microns) with Special Tolerances of +/- .0005″ (12.7 microns)

Micro Machining

Ion Etching and Photolithography tools are used to manufacture a wide variety of unique products for biomedical, optical and magnetic applications.

Some materials and applications:
  • Silicon Wafers Si – IR Chopper Disc, Micro-Fluidics
  • Gallium Arsinide (GaAs)
  • Alumina Titanium Carbon Al2O3TiC Magnetic Heads for Disk Drives
  • Stainless Steel Molds Biomedical applications
  • Cylinder Etching Gyroscope application
  • Holographic Mirrors Optics and Laser
Etching depths, for products listed above, can range from a few thousand Angstroms to several microns. View the Ion Etch Rate document for etch rates on various materials.